July 16, 2014

Growing with NU

Growing with NU

Growing with NU has been a journey. My study at NationsUniversity has not been my own construction. I have witnessed the hand of God in some phases, and that through sharing my story, you will comprehend this. At the end of the nineties, I learned about the “University without walls” through a proctor. I was determined to enroll. Can you envisage that I had no idea about information technology?

Cyber-cafés were scarce, and even how to steer email was a high wall for me to ascend. Thus I confess, I was computer illiterate.

In the beginning, there were only a few of us at NU. I was among the first twenty students to register in Kenya. They loaned us textbooks to carry home for study and only come to the hub to take the exams. This way could take several months.

As numbers grew, it became difficult to loan out textbooks. Therefore, we were requested to come, study, and make notes at the hub where we also took our exams. At this point, it became a mission for me.

It is true; ‘with God everything is possible’ I was conscious that completing my studies through textbooks was a dream. We were now over one hundred students and had few textbooks between us and others were unavailable.

I took a few computer courses to increase my computer literacy; I did not even know how to do email at the time. I sent an email to student services and explained my challenges, hoping to find a way forward. The registrar responded to my email, and she informed me that she proceeded to enroll me as an Internet student. She gave me my username, and a password to log-in with; her word of encouragement was that she guaranteed me help in case of any difficulties. What a gesture!

Because of my big concern in studying the word of God, I was determined to succeed. I ran into a friend in the city, and he asked, “What do you do now?” I told him about NU, and because this was during my computer training, he permitted me to use the computer in his office. That way, I could accustom myself with what I was learning. What a  great advantage!

It was not long after this that my wife looked at my endeavor and eagerness to study. She promised to buy me a desktop computer. When she finally fulfilled her promise, I was so relieved.

Getting my own computer was such an enormous breakthrough. I was extremely exhausted at the cyber-café because it is difficult to read online, do some copy and pasting, editing then printing. Now it was trouble-free. I could save data on my disc-drive and study from home. I also obtained a printer shortly afterward; at this instant, it took me only one year to complete my degree program.

What am I trying to say here? ‘That he who started good work in you will accomplish it’ (Phil.1:6). Given that I desired to study the Word of God, then He could not stop working. Growing with NU to provide means for my study whatever the cost. What can I say? If this was not equipping a man of God to do good works, then what is it? At the moment, I possess a laptop. And to crown my work, I am praying for a small projector. That way, I can claim that I am now fully equipped and equal to the task.


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