April 20, 2020

May Graduation is On Schedule!

May Graduation is On Schedule!

May Graduation is on schedule! The Coronavirus pandemic and social distancing will not interfere with NationsUniversity’s May graduation.

As NationsU prepares for this first upcoming graduation for our Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies (G.C.B.S.) program, we are thrilled at the results! The G.C.B.S. was launched this year in January. We are proud to announce that this May 1, 2020, graduation celebrates nine students completing their G.C.B.S.! These G.C.B.S. graduates are from China, Ghana, Hong Kong, Bostwana, Thailand, and two U.S. prisons in West Virginia.

What an outstanding and speedy accomplishment for these Biblical Studies graduate students!

All in all, graduations for this 25th Anniversary year of the school are increasing at NationsU for the Certificate in Biblical Studies (C.B.S.), Bachelor of Religious Studies (B.R.S.), Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies (G.C.B.S.), Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.), and Master of Divinity (M.Div.). Of course, 2019 was a year of change, challenge, and adjustment to a new online Student Information System (S.I.S.), among other improvements. Even so, NationsU is on track to have higher graduation numbers than 2018 and prior years as well.

The launching of the G.C.B.S. has resulted in a 24.3% increase in our May graduation, and this increase, projected out for September and December graduations, would mean an estimated 77 total awards earned for 2020. The increase in the total number of awards (Certificates and Diplomas) earned by NationsU students since the N.U. accreditation in 2015 is as follows:

2015 – 64 awards
2016 – 73 awards
2017 – 73 awards
2018 – 69 awards
2019 – 57 awards
2020 – 77 projected awards/diplomas

NationsU is so proud of its students, alumni, staff, faculty, and administration for all of the persistence and sacrifice that earning/granting even one of these awards takes.

The new NationsU Alumni Association (N.U.A.A.) that was launched this year in January and its 25 Ambassadors are playing a big part in encouraging current students on the completion of their degrees and programs.

NationsU looks forward to celebrating this May 1 with 38 graduates from 17 different countries and 14 different states in our United States, who are ready to Change Their World!

Thanks to all of our Partners for making this journey possible for the students. And thank you for being a part of this NationsU journey with us! We give the glory to God for His wondrous work in us all!

Blessings from the Staff,

David Srygley, Mary Virginia Mabery, and Jon-Roy Sloan


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