January 6, 2020

Weekly Reflection – Disabled

Weekly Reflection – Disabled

The disabled person (relative, friend, enemy, or other fellow travelers) does not need us to stay away. Rather, they desperately need our compassionate and engaging presence. Our task is to free up enough space so that we have the capacity to be present for them.

In the final analysis, each of us is handicapped in one way or the other. Some are physically disabled. Others have faulty ways of thinking. Still, others are held back by a lack of resources. Some have simply not been taught how to behave, even though there is nothing holding them back from better ways of behaving.

It seems to me that Jesus spent his life ministering to the disabled. He healed the sick. He normalized the mentally deranged. He fed the hungry. He sat with the grieving. Perhaps those are also the behavior of a “Christian,” one who follows Christ.

So, think this week of who in your life is “disabled.” Then work hard to free up the time and energy to go be with them, either with words and actions of encouragement or simply your caring presence.

Blessings and peace,

Chaplain Allen

Merriam Webster Dictionary’s Definition of disabled:
1a: impaired or limited by a physical, mental, cognitive, or developmental condition.
1b: incapacitated by illness or injury.
2  of a device or mechanism : rendered inoperative (as by being damaged or deliberately altered). [Note this aspect is not limited to mechanical devices!]


Note:  The opinions presented here are those of the  Chaplain alone as guided by his understanding of the Bible and how God works with His creation.


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