December 18, 2017

Weekly Reflection – Divine Distraction

Weekly Reflection – Divine Distraction

by Guest Author Scott Gilliam, Haiku poet

Another Advent.
It’s start for me delayed by
Attention to work.

Fleeting time to pray.
Airports and hotels my church.
But God won’t give up.

He knows I’m stressed out.
He knows I’m at my wits end.
So He tries “Plan B.”

“B” for Bethlehem?
I imagine the homeless
Baby sent by God.

My mind drifts away.
The dirty manger makes me
Think of the homeless.

Their manger is a
Cold and dank cement sidewalk.
Newspapers for straw.

My manger is in
A warm castle with many
Things I do not need.

Car horn startles me.
My iPhone buzzes again.
My thoughts go back to work.

Briefly, Advent comes.
A precious timeout from my
Speeding hamster wheel.

God never misses
A chance to distract me at
Just the right time, place.

He always knows when
I need Him to drop in on
Me, uninvited.

He is my fortress.
He is unfathomable.
Let Him be yours too.

Divine distraction is a good thing. All will be well

Blessings and peace,

Chaplain Allen


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