November 11, 2018

Weekly Reflection – Sarah Laughed

Weekly Reflection – Sarah Laughed

Three messengers from God told Abraham that his aged wife, Sarah, would have a son. Overhearing them, Sarah laughed at the very thought. My sense is that her laugh was less of an argument but more  something like, “You have to be kidding!  Surely, you speak in jest!”She simply could not so quickly take in this “unreal”reality.

Is not the same true with us?  Is it not hard to instantly take in or absorb what God says when what His Word says is not consistent with reality as we know it?  I recently heard a famous teacher say, “God speaks and His Word changes reality.” That has stayed with me now for some weeks. The position that, “God said it. I believe it. That settles it.”is sometimes harder to absorb and live out than we might wish.

An old lady has a child. A virgin gives birth. Lazarus comes forth. A crucified criminal rises from the dead. All occurred after God and His Son spoke. None of these fit reality as we know it. But God changes reality. What was real is no longer bound by the normal laws of reality.

What has God said that directly affects your life?  Have you laughed at it?  Have you “taken it in”?  Has it changed reality as you know it?

Food for thought this week.

Blessings and peace,

Chaplain Allen

Sources: Sermon by Jeff Christian; teaching by Bishop Robert Barron; personal experience.

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