August 12, 2019

Weekly Reflection – Times of Reflection and Thanksgiving

Weekly Reflection – Times of Reflection and Thanksgiving

Times of Reflection and Thanksgiving

Spiritual journeys traverse multi-faceted arenas. Stormy seas, wilderness and deserts, rock trails, and shadow-engulfed valleys take their toll. Stagnation and boredom stand no chance in such environments.

As a counterbalance, life journeys also supply stations of refreshment and renewal. Like irrigated green pastures in the middle of the desert terrain, spirituality offers the occasional respite. Spending time on emotional mountaintops or in lush pastureland gives us a spark = a sense of reconnecting with the Ultimate Power; God’s loving presence becomes clearer, more evident, in such times.

The creation story in Genesis ends each day’s progression with this affirmation: And it was good. We are invited into the Creator’s mind and heart, which relished goodness, cohesive cooperation, and rest.

Likewise, we know reflective moments that reaffirm the basic goodness of this world. And the joy of seeing nature and humanity working as partners. And the blissful refreshment that a good night’s rest brings after a tiring day.

It’s not always easy or possible to experience green pastures. The journey takes too many unforeseen turns to allow us to coast totally carefree. But sometimes, when we least expect it, God’s voice breaks through that chaos and gently reminds us, “I am God and you are mine, Enjoy the day, even in the middle of your turmoil. For I am with you, and I have overcome the world.”

Such news is nothing short of a priceless gift…one to be unwrapped on mountains, valleys, and places in-between.

Blessings and peace,

Chaplain Allen


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Source: Dr. Virgil Fry in his book, Disrupted: Finding God in Illness & Loss. Pages 106-107