January 23, 2019

Weekly Reflection – Virtuous Exegesis

Weekly Reflection – Virtuous Exegesis

Virtuous Exegesis: Stan Reid, President of the Austin Graduate School of Theology, spoke recently on the general subject of Attending to Spiritual Growth in an Academic Environment.  Building on the two great commandments found in Mark 12:28-34, Reid emphasized that the study of scripture in an academic setting (or any other) should be an expression of love for God and for others. “Such academic efforts can end in a spiritual wasteland if it becomes an end to itself.”

To help make his point, Reid quoted Austin Grad professor, Keith Stanglin, who has written that “A recurring theme through out the history of interpretation is the need for virtuous interpreters.” Reid agreed with that statement, asserting that virtuous interpreters do not become prideful or sanctimonious about their expanding depth of knowledge or growing degree of exegetical skills.” Some would call this virtuous exegesis.

I understand that this is what we might call “preaching to the choir.”  Regardless, it may be worth a moment of personal reflection.

Blessings and peace,

Chaplain Allen

Source: These thoughts are based on an article in the Austin Grad Newsletter, UPDATE

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