February 24, 2020

Weekly Reflections – Intentional Families

Weekly Reflections – Intentional Families

Intentional Families

There is probably little that is more important to living the Christian life than our family interactions.

A local church in my hometown is addressing this by beginning a program called “Intentional Families.” I want to share with you the Ten Tenets of this program.

1. Set family priorities.
2. Share family meals.
3. Lead family prayer and teach the faith.
4. Manage/limit media intake.
5. Control pace of life.
6. Forgive easily and often/ask for forgiveness.
7. Encourage active listening/open and honest communication.
8. Schedule family fun and playtime.
9. Teach/model responsibility and accountability.
10. Acknowledge and share our gifts and talents.

These tenets make sense to me. I urge you to reflect on them. Then try to implement at least some of them in your own family.

Perhaps we will explore each of these tenants in the weeks ahead. Would you like that?

Blessings and peace,

Chaplain Allen


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