August 16, 2015

What Our Students Say About Accreditation!

What Our Students Say About Accreditation!

What Our Students Say About Accreditation! NationsUniversity is celebrating its initial accreditation. Many letters of applause come from Facebook and email. Thank you for your kind words everybody!

“Dear Mac and Dick,

Thank the Almighty for this wonderful and great achievement. I am one of those who have been blessed because of your dream come true. I am more equipped today for the Lord’s work than ever before I became your student. May the good God continue to lengthen your days to see this institution become more matured.”

Here is a quick overview of so many letters that we cannot print all of them here. We also have almost as many exclamation points as letters. For brevity’s sake we only used one for each of these.

“Awesome! I have been taking classes at NU since 2001, Wonderful news!, Glad to hear this, Congratulations!, God is Great!, Praise the Lord!, Thank You Lord!, Amen and Amen!, DEAC Accredited, fantastic news guys.”

Many of the congratulations were very heartfelt. Some saw it as an answer to prayer. They came from all over the world, current students, former students and alumni. We are grateful to everyone who helped make this day possible.This will bless so many who are pursuing their degrees through NationsUniversity. Great work. Glad to hear this.


“As an old Masters of Theology student, I equally celebrate with NationsUniversity.”

“Congratulations! May God continue to bless this school!”

 “Praise God. He always sees a righteous course through.”

“I too rejoice with NationsUniversity for this great achievement. It has been my earnest and greatest desire for this accreditation considering the quality and excellence of training provided by NationsUniversity. Once again congratulations! So happy.”

“I thank God for the accreditation and for the opportunity given us to serve God better and lead others too. God bless NU.”

“I am very grateful for this great step of accreditation we have long awaited. I thank God for answering our prayers.Praise God, it has finally paid off, the patience, the tenacity the waiting and the prayers God is Great. Thanks for all the people that have carried the vision of the NationsUniversity and have nurtured it thus far, you are surely living right at the centre of your God ordained destiny.”

“NationsUniversity gave me a degree when I could never afford the cost of a university degree. The degree has opened doors that I could never have imagined and now am able to pay my way through a masters programme. Indeed, you are a blessing, God bless you mightily.”


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